I want people, the world, to understand that hurt is only as bad as you make it to be. That, yes, there are so many negative things in the world but, why dread on it. There are people in way worse conditions, so who am I to sit here and complain that what I have is not good enough. Accept the acceptance. Life is only how you make it out to be. Statistics show that, even if you’re in a bad mood and you still smile, you’re percent of sadness will decrease. If you have the power to control good things and positivity in your life, why not?

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i remember saying this to a follower way back in the day.

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The truth.

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via Gapers Block: “British Pathé, one of the original newsreel companies, just put 85,000 videos up on YouTube — including quite a few of Chicago.”


William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher illustrated by Nicolas Delort (Artist on tumblr)

This is beautiful I had to reblog!

An old photo of my little brother and I. Now he’s taller than I am. I miss him so much.

Drunk selfies

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